2022 afghanistan – China calls for lifting of unilateral sanctions against Afghanistan

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China calls for lifting of unilateral sanctions against Afghanistan
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China calls for lifting of unilateral sanctions against Afghanistan

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Videoquelle China calls for lifting of unilateral sanctions against Afghanistan


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38 thoughts on “2022 afghanistan – China calls for lifting of unilateral sanctions against Afghanistan”

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  4. When RUSSIA invaded US and it's allied froze Russian assets,while US invaded Afghanistan,it also imposes and froze Afghanistan liquids assets,also with to forfeit part of it assets.
    Whatever US do seems to be correct.

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  6. 烏克蘭和美國違反《禁止生物武器公約》,美國必須對在烏克蘭境內,緊鄰俄羅斯的生化基地實驗室,進行軍事生物武器的研發計畫提出解釋。美國會選在烏克蘭這幾個地方設立生化實驗室,可能是一來人員成本較便宜,二來當地法律規範沒有美國嚴格,因為某些實驗在美國做可能不允許,如果做了一定會被檢舉,且保守估計,美國在全球各地就建了200個實驗室。2月24日烏克蘭衛生部向位於邊境的2間生化實驗室,波爾多瓦、卡爾科夫下令,要求工作人員緊急銷毀能夠引發鼠疫、炭疽和霍亂的病毒銷毀,該些實驗室,接受美國資金,用來進行生化武器研發。

  7. Taliban chose the most wrongful and unthoughtful and voilent way to establish their governance and power now they are in power, now they are realizing they have to tweak and change the way they work to maintain peace which everyone was saying from start but they choose most unhumanitarian foundation of government now their generations will suffer and have to fight everyday to prove they are not like their leaders which is way long battle than 20 years its victory for talibani leaders who will enjoy the utmost power and freedom in afganistan and use others to protect themselves on bright side atleast for now people have freedom to choose their job titles but limited to what the leader decides

    May peace upon innocent people of taliban who had no choice but to join talibani leaders and those families who lost lives with faux promises✌
    Wishing courage to people to fight their leaders for their rights and freedom to make their lives better ✌

  8. Damn monger empire will continue make difficult…
    Even to create world wide war by end of this decade 2030
    Asia Regional war 2026
    ~2024 bringing hords of nations to trample China

    There's no avoiding the 2 decades of world wide war

  9. China and other countries should also call a UNGA emergency meeting similar to the Ukraine crisis to pass a resolution calling upon the US to return Afghanistan's money immediately whereby ordinary Afghans are suffering from hunger and devoid of daily necessities

  10. USA was built on stolen land, grew by stealing humans (slaves), and grew even further by stealing gold and oil and such from all over the world. It is just a stealing country, like dogs, but actual dogs are capable of kindness. Not USA.

  11. It's proven over and over that sanctions don't do shit in toppling the regime in power, all it does is inflict even more harm to the people.

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  13. Humanitarian aid? You just want to rape their land of lithium and pay Biden his 10%. All world leaders are lying piles of shit, people can govern themselves better than being sold to the next shitty dictator for power and profit. You have no intentions of helping the people without getting what you want in return. Fun “unrelated “ fact, the average electric vehicle uses 110 lbs or more of lithium in its batteries

  14. I have a lot of faith that China will soon be in a position to ignore western sanctions. Afghanistan could be a close ally of China, both for security reasons, and for access to Afghanistans vast mineral wealth. This would be incredibly beneficial to both countries, and it is only the west stifling this potential.

  15. Wang Yi is one of the best foreign ministers. In fact, he would make a better leader than most current western leaders.
    Respect to Wang Yi and China 🇨🇳


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